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As of 2021 there are now over 2.5 million people currently addiction to opioids ( or commonly called Pain Pills). As we are reminded constantly through News Programs, etc. this problem is exacerbated in that 10% of people who have or are currently misusing opioids have been prescribed them to become addicted. As made evident in the latest federal cases of Oxycotin maker Purdue brought on by the Government – many of these drugs were prescribed knowing they are addicting. In this type of addiction, this isn’t something you can just overcome or think your way out of using sheer will power. Opioid Addiction is often times not because of something you have done to which you are at fault, we understand are here to help you to overcome your addiction.

Evolve Suboxone in Jacksboro truly knows the destruction of life and overall pain that becoming someone addicted to pain pills / opiates has on an individual. This type of lifestyle can result in negative consequences and sometimes destruction of careers, family, health, and potential your life.

The hardest step in recovery is always realizing you have an issue and then beginning the process to find help. Evolve Suboxone in Campbell County will help to work through this process of recovery and use our Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) to get your life back on track.

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Helping You Live a Life without Opioid Addiction using Suboxone

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